What we do

Kids Rainbow is an association situated in Gaziantep, Turkey. We offer learning opportunities for Syrian refugee children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our main objective is to provide language support (Turkish, Arabic, English), as well as other creative activities, in hope to give them

a chance for a better future. 

We were founded in 2015 in the Akyol neighborhood in the Gaziantep city center to serve the families around this area.

The majority of their children spend their time on the streets and start working at a very early age. We created this centre as an alternative to this difficult reality, with the purpose to alleviate the negative consequences resulting from the children’s life experiences.

The association was founded by Syrians for Syrians, as a sign of solidarity within the community.

Our team is made up of Turkish and international volunteers, as we all work together towards the same goal: quality education for Syrian refugee kids.


Currently, the number of kids is limited to 44 (aged between 5 and 10 years old) due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the limited space of the building.

Due to these limitations, we prioritise the participation of kids who are approaching school age. Nevertheless, the number of children that wish to enroll is much higher. Our hope is that in the future we are able to welcome more children in Kids Rainbow.

The Labs

The programme lasts for 6 months. In exceptional cases, where the kids cannot access Turkish public schools, they are enrolled for the following semester.

The Rainbow’s kids speak Arabic at home, but very often do not know how to properly read and write. To make sure that they are not illiterate in their mother tongue, we provide Arabic Labs. Proficiency in the language allows them to be an active and conscious part of the Syrian community and culture.

Arabic Lab

To facilitate the access into the Turkish education system we hold Turkish Labs. In this way, the children are well-equipped to succeed at school, but also able to fully integrate and contribute in a significant way to the Turkish social and cultural life.

Turkish Lab

English Labs broadens the kids’ horizons beyond any border, giving them the opportunity to fully embrace today's world. The Lab encourages their personal growth, enriching their lives so that they can experience different cultures and realities.

English Lab

Given the growing awareness of environmental care, we created the Environmental Lab. Combining the fun and the urge to tackle climate change, we teach our kids how to recycle and reinvent daily-life objects.

Environmental Lab

To encourage the comprehensive development of our children, Art Labs stimulate their creativity and develop their manual skills. Thanks to the variety of artistic activities, the children analyze and reflect on their surroundings by using their imagination.

Art Lab

Being exposed to music not only develops musical competence but simultaneously improves motor skills as well. The Music Labs offers the children a space to have fun while playing instruments, singing and dancing.

Music Lab