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safe place


for kids


Kids Rainbow is a safe and supporting environment that provides learning opportunities for Syrian refugee children approaching the school age in Turkey. Our mission is to fight for equal access to quality education.


A learning space to inspire and guide our
children through their journey

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our values

We align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our main focus is Quality Education, which is directly linked to the other goals.

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we believe in:

Fair access to quality education

We strive to give our children the tools to succeed in their schooling years after attending Kids Rainbow.

Equal opportunities

We aim to dismantle the obstacles worsened by the children livelihood conditions through fair access to learning opportunities.

Freedom of expression and personal growth

We create a safe place in which children, employees and volunteers can express themselves freely, favouring their personal growth and development.


We create an inclusive environment, free of any discrimination based on grounds such as sex, race, ethnicity and socio-economic origin.

Independence and neutrality

We are independent and we work with people regardless of their political and religious beliefs.