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Kids Rainbow began operating in Gaziantep's Akyol district, where many Syrian families live. Concerned by the lack of educational opportunities for young Syrian refugees and kids under temporary protection, the organization emerged as a safe and inclusive learning space where to develop skills and strengthen community bonds.

Syrians in gaziantep

Key Numbers

(source: 3RP 2021-2022)

In 2020, the number of Syrians under temporary protection have passed 3.6 million, 
almost half of whom are children

46 percent of whom are women and girls. In addition, Turkey hosts approximately 320,000 international protection applicants and 
status holders from other countries

191,000 Syrian children are working

Situated 92 km from Halep, Gaziantep has a population of over two million people, among which a quarter are registered Syrian refugees.


In order to have access to public services such as education and healthcare, Syrian migrants need to apply for temporary protection in their city of arrival.


Enrollment in school is allowed solely in the city where the permit is issued. This regulation creates many difficulties for children whose families are forced to move to industrial cities like Gaziantep to seek job opportunities.

Syrians under temporary protection, international protection applicants
and other status holders in the national education system. As of the start 
of the 2020/21 school year, more than 768,000 Syrian children under 
temporary protection were enrolled in Turkish public 
schools 16 and over 33,000 students were attending tertiary education.


Enrolment rates are generally high in 
primary education (79.5 percent) but drop in lower-secondary (78.9 percent) and fall dramatically in upper-secondary (39.7 percent) education levels. 
However, more than 35 percent of school-aged children were still out-of-school and did not have any access to education opportunities.
Out-ofschool children are one of the most vulnerable groups in Turkey, and face multiple child protection risks, including psychosocial distress, child labour, 
child marriage and other forms of exploitation
and abuse.


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Nader Al Jarrah

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Carola Cappellari

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