Where are we

Kids Rainbow began operating in 2015 in Gaziantep's Akyol district, where many Syrian families live. Concerned by the lack of educational opportunities for young Syrian refugees and kids under temporary protection, the organization emerged as a safe and inclusive learning space where to develop skills and strengthen community bonds.

Syrians in gaziantep

Situated 92 km from Halep, Gaziantep has a population of over two million people, among which a quarter are registered Syrian refugees.


In order to have access to public services such as education and healthcare, Syrian migrants need to apply for temporary protection in their city of arrival.


Enrollment in school is allowed solely in the city where the permit is issued. This regulation creates many difficulties for children whose families are forced to move to industrial cities like Gaziantep to seek job opportunities.

Key Numbers

(source: 3RP 2019)

3.57 million Syrians are registered under temporary protection in Turkey (almost half are children)

42% of Refugees (all nationalities) live under the poverty line.

191,000 Syrian children are working

Our Team Members


Mustafa Karali

Project Manager

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Nader Al Jarrah

Media Officer

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Hiba Jahjah

Field Officer

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Valentina Cosma

Project Coordinator

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Nura Alawia

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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Giulia Bernacchi

Development Officer

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Maen Al Jarrah

Programme Officer

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Bahaa Hamid

Public Relations

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Gabriella Iacobellis

Social Media Manager

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Giovanni Rende


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Support team


Carola Cappellari

Communication Assistant

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Elisa Cappabava

Coordinator Assistant

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our volunteers

Magdalena Smenda
Annamaria Ricci
Carlo Farella


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Hopeful Giving

We stand by Syrians since 2016. We started our journey in Idomeni camps in Greece, where we stayed 10 months straight. We then broaden our work towards the “Balkan route” in Belgrade 2017/18 and in Bosnia 2020/21. We would like to keep working together with and for the Syrians with Kids Rainbow in Gaziantep, in hope to expand our work in Syria as soon it would be possible.


The Center in Gaziantep could be only the first one of many others. We would like to dedicate this new beginning to Elena Pino and Stefano Vallin, who committed themselves until the end to the Syrian cause. We wish the collaboration between our organizations will help us contribute in a more valuable way for our Syrian brothers. 


Gaziantep Eğitim ve Gençlik Derneği (GEGED)



The non-profit organization Barada Syrienhilfe e.V. was founded in 2012. Since then we have been providing direct humanitarian aid to people in need in Syria